Burning House Project


  1. Pinky Pillows 

The first thing I would even think to grab if my house was burning down would be my two pinky pillows.  When I was two years old my Nana bought my mom a pink bed set and it came with two pink pillow cases. I instantly became infatuated with those two pillow cases and have loved them since. As a child I would not be able to go to sleep without them and I became extremely protective of them; not allowing anyone to touch them or sleep with them. It was my favorite thing in the world and something I still find myself having a hard time sleeping without. 

2. Purse 

I would grab my Michael Kors purse because I just got it and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect size for all of my belongings and the perfect color of white to match every outfit. Considering my house burned down I don’t know how many things I could match it with although I absolutely love it. It is also my very first Michael kors purse that is extremely special to me because it was given to me as a gift by someone who is very special to me. 

3. Fins 

These or my new kicks fins that I recently received as a present by a very good friend because my old fins broke. I would take these fins because they represent my love for the ocean and my love for diving and doing ocean involved activities. I love the ocean and I feel that these fins are a good representation of myself and my love for the ocean which is why I would definitely take it with me if my house were to burn down.

4. Sunrise shells

I would also grab my four favorite sunrise shells because they are very valuable to me because I make shell jewelry. These shells are very rare in hawaii and very hard to come by unless you are willing to pay a lot of money. I got these shells for a very good deal and did not have to spend $100 like one usually has to. 

5. Gold Bracelets 

I would also grab my four favorite gold bracelets if I’m not already wearing them because each one is extremely special to me and each one has a very unique and special shell attached to them. The first gold bracelet I every got was made by my mom ,but the shell was found by me which is why it’s very important to me. The shell isn’t the easiest shell to find, but I was so excited when I found it and it always brings me back to diving with my dad all afternoon long. The next two bracelets I got as a surprise valentines day gift. These bracelets contained a white, fresh water pearl and a spotted flea cone with a heart charm. These two bracelets are very special to me because it was a start of me and my boyfriends relationship. The last bracelet was given to me by my brother. The shell is my most favorite shell, a miter shell which took my brother days and days to find for me for a birthday gift. It is very special to me because he went diving specifically to get me the shell because he new I wanted it.

6. Iphone

I would take my iphone because I would want to be able to stay in contact with my family, friends and the rest of the world so they know I’m okay and still aware of whats going on in the world. 

7. A love story by af swim suit top 

I would grab this swimsuit top because since my freshman year I have been wanting a bathing suit from a love story by af, but I never came up with enough money to actually get it until recently. I would be so sad if I finally got it but didn’t have the chance to wear it out in public. 

8. Flower Haku 

I would grab my floral haku because it is very special to me and my little sister bought it for me and it reminds me of her. She moved to Los Angles with her mother so I rarely get to see her, but when I look at my haku or wear it out it reminds me of her and makes me happy. 

9. Picture 

I would take this framed picture of me and my best friend because it is very important to me and it reminds me of all the memories we made together out at the sand bar. This picture is one of my favorite memories and I wouldn’t want to loose this photo for the world. 

10. Laptop 

Lastly, I would grab my laptop because it was very expensive and my family made a lot of sacrifices for me to get it for school purposes. I also really need my laptop for school work and would not get anything done in school without it.