Summer Assignment

  1. Curation of Knowledge issues- A Way of Knowing Emotion

This article was a powerpoint that a teacher created to present to her class about a way of knowing emotion. Emotion is a way of knowing, a physiological experience, a way to express behavior, directly affects a person through mood, reasoning and behavior.  An emotion everyone has is love, which there are many different types of. All emotions can be trained and controlled including love, which is extremely bizarre because a lot of times people feel they have no control over who they love and who they don’t, but humans to have the decision to love who they want whether they know it or not. Emotions almost always deceives people especially when it prevents someone from their objective or becomes an obstacle in human relations. Emotions often limit the ways of knowing because perception usually ends up being judge differently and lacks open mindedness. Many people misjudge the way emotion should be and see it as X makes me feel good. Therefore X must be good, but that is not always the case. Emotions are very important because it does help us in situations and allows us to be able to feel. Although emotions often hinder our knowledge for example if you don’t like someone you tend to focus on all the negative things about them rather than their possible positive qualities. Emotions also cause things to be biased and don’t allow someone to think clearly.

I have the augmented video lesson I want to talk about and have created notes where I am going to add text in popcorn maker it is just that popcorn maker is not working on my computer. Here is a link to the Ted Talk I will curate.



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