Touch and Sound Blog reflection


Choose 6 articles to peruse for each category (Touch and Sound) -so, a total of 12.

6 articles for touch:

Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box

Summary: Researchers researched and studied low-threshold mechanosensory receptors in order to better familiar themselves and deeply understand and create a complex map of touch and better understand touch receptors in living things. They experimented with mice testing and evaluating experiments to determine how their touch receptors work and can be altered.

Question:  Is it even possible for scientist to fully understand the connection between touch and the brain within all creatures?

Hands On Research: The Science of Touch

Summary: This article defined how important touch and feeling was with human psychology and human development. Touch also has  greatly increased human health and overall happiness with people and commonly is identified by love, empathy, and compassion with both men and women.

Question: Do people keep in mind that touch can increase compassion and love for the opposite sex and therefore plan to stimulate this through touch when dating?

10 Psychological Effects on Nonsexual Touch

Summary: Touch is also linked into helping people make better choices with compassion and consciousness such as returning a lost item, assisting in a certain action, view and judge people differently, and is also linked with spending more money depending on the location and timing of touch.

Question: Is this something taught with companies and salesman to better sell their product?

Art Installation: Marrying the Best Fairy Tale Kiss

Summary: This article talked about how the Ukraine women were forced to close their eyes and lay on beds, while men enter the room and are allowed to kiss the female if they were interested in becoming her husband. If the women opened her eyes during a kiss she would be then forced to marry him all from the perception of the kiss and nothing else.

Question: What if modern American girls were forced to get married this way? The divorce rate would surely go up.

Hands on Research: The Science of Touch

Summary: Researches state how touch can positively enhance emotional respeonses between people and animals with increasing compassion, happiness, health, and well being, which is why hugs and physical contact usually subconsciously bring happiness to others.

Question: Which locations of touch mainly stimulate these enhancing emotional responses?

Touch Illusions

Summary: Researches find that it is extremely easy to trick the mind by thinking they are being touch but in reality not being touched at all. This is found through numerous amounts of research and

Question: Is it hard to trick the mind into thinking they are touching something or something is touching them? What methods are used in doing so?

Dating With Science: Touch

Summary: Scientist have found that touch can stimulate people into liking each other more because it is liked into a romantic feeling and creates an subconscious attraction towards both people.

Question: Does touching partners create longer lasting relationships overall?

6 articles for sounds

How Does Sound Affect Our Creativity?

Summary: Researchers conducted an experiment where a number amount of different participants were placed into three different rooms. One of the rooms contained information at a lower level of sounds being displayed; another room had a medium level of sound being displayed, following the third room with a loud level of sounds being displayed. The study found that the medium level sound room created a better concentration focus for the participants.

Question: Do teachers sound level have an effect on students learning in class?

Beethoven’s Deafness Influenced His Music

Summary: Beethoven used medium and loud frequencies to compose music because he could focus best and clearly hear the music. After turning deaf he used these frequencies to compose music in replacement to sound.

Question: Was Beethoven’s of similar quality after he became deaf and relied on his memory or frequencies?

History of Sound

Summary: This article was represented through a timeline and explaining the invention of the first sound recording machine, the beginning of the electric era, and the digital era.

Question: How has this developed and improved overtime?

The Cocktail Party Effect

Summary: This effect is the ideal of selective hearing where people are able to turn their sounds off and on depending on the thing being expressed or comprehend two different conversations at the same time. Studies have found that if two conversations are occurring at the same time it is easier for people to perceive the information if the sound is coming from two different ears.

Question: Is it possible for numerous amounts of conversations (more than two) be perceived my a person at more than one time?

Make a City Sound Better

Summary: A taxi was created where the noise from traffic was converted into music for the person riding in the taxi through special headphones.

Question: Why is this important when we have things like the radio?

Does Sounds Influence Taste?

Summary: Different foods do create and make different sounds this is basically derived from past experienced with foods and sounds associated with them.

Question: Do more than one item of food create the same sound or is it different for every person?