1. READ this entire post thoroughly and EXPLORE all the links (we will go over most in class)

2. CURATE an optical illusion (or more than 1) you find particularly interesting and post to your blog so we can share them. If you can explain how it works that would be great. http://www.123opticalillusions.com/pages/opticalillusions13.php I found this optical illusion very interesting and cool because I would never think that what happens would occur. What you need to do is stare at the black dot for about 10 seconds then afterward mover your head towards the computer screen then away from the computer screen continuously. The two circles should then appear to be moving.

3. CHOOSE 1 sense (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell). Choose 1 hour of your day and keep track of absolutely EVERYTHING you experience through that sense ONLY and record it on your blog. I chose to document hearing for a complete hour. I was in my room doing homework on my desk. I heard the cars passing outside and heard the sound the tires make when moving over the wet road. I heard a car alarm for 5 minutes and an ambulance siren shortly afterwards. The entire time I heard the clicking I made when pressing the keys on my computer key board. For the first 45 minuets I heard the sounds of the t.v going back and forth from Disney channel and nickelodeon due to my little sister watching tv. I also listened to music the entire time first staring with taylor swift then to ed sheron and ending with hip hop music. I also heard the ringtone of my phone go off many times because of Taylor texting me about the history homework and the ringtone of my father’s cell phone as he received a call. I heard by dog barking and a knock on the door then my mom carry a conversation with the neighbors.

4. RESPOND with a paragraph regarding your reading of Hilary Lawson’s story about visual agnostic. After reading and analyzing the article I feel that people take for granted many things. For example we take our senses for granted such as the fact that we can hear things going around us and how are able to see things and interoperate things. I also had pity for the guy who had surgery completed on him because his memory was lost and he could not make connections and couldn’t remember certain things and was not able to make any connections with his past life.

5. Which of the 3 “Theories of Reality” do you most adhere to? EXPLAIN. I believe I most adhere to the theory of Scientific Realism. I feel that everyone perceives things slightly differently and people can’t actually perceive something exactly the same as someone else. I also don’t think there is a way to determine if everyone does perceive something the same way for example when one sees a shade of blue does another person perceive the shade of blue exactly the same or slightly darker or lighter.

6. We are all very good at seeing only what we want to see. Can you give some EXAMPLES of the way in which our BELIEFS, CULTURE, or MOOD affects the way we see things? People everyday only sees what they want to see due to culture, mood, and beliefs and this affects the way they see things. For example mood is a huge factor when someone is in a sad, depressed mood and say this student had math class next they would probably perceive the fact as extremely horrible and maybe not even bother to try in class while on the other hand if the person was in a happy mood they might see the situation as a good things because they were getting it out of the way for the rest of the day. Many people can also perceive weather in different ways as well depending on mood for example rain, thunder, and storms may be perceived as unnecessary and sad but it is also a natural thing that needs to occur to supply the earth with water.

7. Regarding Patty Maes’ TED talk on technology and a “Sixth Sense”, what IMPLICATIONS do you foresee for such knowledge/ perception enhancers? Knowledge and perception enhancers have never been so technologically advanced due to the fast speed technology growth. Having devices that allow people to easily get everyday curiosities and inquiries answered would be extremely helpful and interesting, but there are problems that come along with it as well. For example, if getting an answer was as easy as clicking a button and getting the answer people wouldn’t actually be smart and coming up with answers on their then therefore if the devices broke down or disappeared in for example a natural disaster people wouldn’t know what to do or how to come up with ways to survive or do things. Also, social interactions are extremely important and have been overtime slowly fading and replaced with technologies and knowledge enhancers. The social activity between a person with knowledge to a person seeking knowledge is something we should not loose or forget.

8. Find an example of a logo or advertisement using the design principles of GESTALT. Identify if it involves Similarity, Dissimilarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, or Figure and Ground. This logo of an apple involves similarity, dissimilarity, continuation. Closure, proximity, or figure and ground. The image is very simple and all one color which makes it very simple and easy to identify