Vlog Script

10 ways to improve school

  1. No standardize testing
  2. More internet based
  3. Classroom arrangement
  4. Collaboration with students
  5. Collaboration with teachers
  6. Standards for teachers
  7. Curriculum
  8. Should be like skateboarding
  9. Engaged
  10. Longer classes

More internet bases

I am going to talk a little bit about ways to improve schools. 10 ways in particular before making this video I watched a few other you tube videos about the topic and one video really stood out and it’s called Changing Education Programs. They asked a simple question: How do we educate our children to take their place in the economics of the 21st century? Given that we can’t anticipate what the economy will look like at the end of next week. I thought this was very interesting because it really contradicts its self. So this leads to me first suggestion into making schools better.

  1. No standardize testing
  • Education is modeled on the interest of industrialization and in the image of it
  • Schools are organized on factory lines
  • Educated by batches of age group
  • Go in the exact opposite direction of standardization
  • Most great learning happens in groups


Another video called The Visions of Students Today

  • Students are discouraged speak in class
  • Learning by living


21st century learning

  1. Be more internet based
  • Yeah it can be distracting
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • But its also a tool to collaborate with others
  • but it is a thousand times cheaper than it ever was and will give students access to information from all around the world.
  • Private school vs. public school
  • One can find the missing puzzle piece to their idea and make it better
  • And many potential help others and benefit the world in the end


  1. Classroom arrangement
  • There should be bigger tables because we high schoolers have so many books, their laptop, and it leaves barely any space to write. Chairs should be compterble with cushions, students sit in chairs for up to 7 hours each day.
  • The desks should be set up like those in conference rooms for businesses where there is one huge long table and everyone sits there.
  • Easier to collaborate
  1.  Collaboration based instead of separating each student cutting them off of the resources they could use in life
  • Changing Education Paradigms
    • Collaboration should be okay


  1. Standard for teachers
  • It is too easy to become a teacher
  • There should be assessments like students have to go through to determine whether they are capable of teaching a class
  • Feedback from students
  1. Curriculum
  • Shouldn’t be things that kids just memorize and forget the next day
  • Applied with interactive examples
  • Learn things that the kids will use in life
  • Like taxes and taking out loans rather than Area equals base time’s height divided by two.
  1. Should be like skateboarding

Ted Talk: Can skateboarding save our schools

  • Skateboard
  • Failure is normal
  • No C+
  • Nobody knows how long it takes someone to learn something
  • Work your ass off until you figure it out
  • Learning is not fun
  • FLOW, finding something not too hard not too easy
  • NO grades
  • The goal in skateboarding is to land the trick there’s no in between
  • There’s therefore no cheating
  • No teachers
  • Teachers are optional
  • Teachers: real time feedback environment
  1. Longer classes
  • My school has longer classes instead of 45 minute periods
  • Allows us to get things done
  • Do experiments


  1. Engage
  • Should be able to go beyond the textbook and be able to study complex topics based on real life issues.
  • Project based classwork
  • So students don’t just memorize things
  1. Teachers should also collaborate
  • Not make all the tests and projects in the same week
  • Happens a lot
  • Extremely stressful
  • Based units on each other where there can be connections
  • For example if there was a Romeo and Juliet assignment within the year the English teacher could collaborate with the History teacher who has a Shakespeare assignment within the year so they can be taught at around the same time.

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