Mid Term Packet

I. Quotes about Knowledge: Choose 1 of the following quotes and write a paragraph or two discussing / exploring it further. You should directly refer to things we have studied in this course so far and hyperlink to at least one of your blog posts or relevant resource. Try to include multiple perspectives.

“If 50 million people say a foolish thing, it is still a foolish thing” –Anatole France, 1844-192

I choose this quote out of all the other because it really stood out to me because I believe that is true and a very interesting topic to discuss. I first wanted to do a little research on Anatole and his backgrounds. Francois- Anatole was French poet, journalist, and novelist. He was born in Paris and created very successful best-sellers. If you wanted to go deeper in research with Anatole feel free to click there.

This quote is very interesting and said in different versions of course, still in this modern time. This quote basically expresses how when a foolish thing is said or done no matter how many people decided to participate in the action it is still a very foolish thing to do.  This quotes basically points out if everyone else is doing a certain action it still doesn’t make it a smart or good decision.  I have personally been influenced by a quote similar to this frequently by my parents, for example when I was begging them for a new phone I argued that Leah and all my friends have gotten the new version and I needed it as well. Eventually the y agreed and bought me the devise and now I spend majority of my time on it other than studying and doing homework.  This show how just because everyone in my eyes were getting the newest phone doesn’t mean it would be the smartest idea for me to get. Another personal example I received was when I was 6 and got in trouble for playing with a basket ball in the house and accidently breaking many picture frames and cracking the brand new tv screen my dad just bought. My answer to the mess was that my neighbor’s son gets to play basketball in the house why couldn’t I, and my parents response was if the neighbor’s son jumped into a fire would you do the same? It was a really good lesson that taught me about this quote and how just because “everyone’s” doing a foolish thing doesn’t make the action any different. It is still foolish. I also, researched an example of a girl at the age of 13 trying weed for the first time from her mom’s boyfriend after much hardship and later in her life she decided to try meth not thinking she would get addicted. She claims her reasoning for trying it was “Everyone else is doing it, why not me?” Within in two weeks she began to do meth everyday and it controlled her life until she finally was placed into a rehab and got better. Her life basically, spiraled downhill until she didn’t care about anything but meth; she thought because millions of people do meth then it must be okay. But in reality it’s a foolish thing to do and it will always be a foolish thing to do no matter if no one did or the whole world did it. Here is a hyperlink to her story  . I have also studied something similar in Theory of Knowledge class already with the Climate Reality Project  I wrote how propaganda had a huge affect on people especially when trying to sell a product for example, cigarettes. Many propaganda commercials and posters for the tobacco company portraits smoking as something everyone does and expresses it as something that would never harm someone. In reality no matter how many people smoked in the world it would still be a foolish thing to do like the quote, by Anatole, expresses.

II. Questions About Knowledge. Some of the following questions address things we’ve studied, while others will become clearer after watching the videos in the playlists and/or reading the provided articles. Choose at least 1 of the following questions and respond in a thoughtful paragraph with specific references to things/ people we’ve studied or the resources provided in this packet (hyperlinking is preferable).

11. How should schools/ education (all levels) change to adapt to new technology? (think time, physical, instructional)

School/ education at all levels publically are very limited due to their lack to adapt to new technologies. They are very un connected to the rest of the world and are limited to old technology instead of advancing to better devices that takes learning to the next level. I feel that schools should advance with technology because it allows students and teachers access resources to almost any topic; teachers have access to curriculum and instructional guides, and it gives classes’ ability to connect which other classes. Through personal experience I have noticed that I have become much more useful when been given technology as a resource verses going to a school who hasn’t advanced in technology. When I went to Windward Nazarene we barely has any technology resources to use and it was extremely hard to take learning and projects to the next level. Being at a school that didn’t advance technically created a barrier in my work and was a boundary to my creativity. Attending Le Jardin I have been able to communicate with students and teachers all around the world with just my laptop. Technology is a huge learning tool and resource that I am thankful to have. I am also able to create much better projects using the smart board and the internet. For example I can express my work through blogging and am able to use different programs such as prezi, vuvox, and video maker.

Schools should adapt to new technology by helping provide the students with new technologies such as smart boards, laptops, and internet access. This will expand the entire schools learning with not only students but with teachers and mentors as well. Of course there is a huge problem dealing with financial difficulties, but with government aid and fundraising I feel like schools can expand their learning and creativity. Here is a document I found when researching this topic.

I also gained information from this ted talk that I found that describes what people can learn from online education and the affects it creates to people’s lives.

III. Readings. Read the 2 readings in Diigo and reply in the comment stream provided. (we will not be using the Diigolet annotation tool, as one of the readings is a pdf.) The directions and sample are in the post. Feel free to respond to others. You are required to make at least 2 comments/questions with quotations for each article.

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IV. Must-See Video Playlists and Articles (5 themes). Choose 3 of the 5 themes. Read through the provided articles. Then access the playlists linked and watch the video resources. As you watch take notes, because you will need to directly refer to / quote from the videos. You are asked to pose questions and offer commentary on the theme as a whole in 1 of the of the following ways (you choose!):
a. as a video blog (a vlog)
b. in writing in paragraph form
c. in writing as bulleted lists


Knowledge is the fact or state of knowing; the perception of fact or truth; and clear and certain mental apprehension while thinking is so much simpler yet so much more complex because our minds can think of absolutely anything.  After watching the you tube video by Chris Anderson I discovered that there are many questions that no one can answer. Even the smartest people cannot answer certain questions like for example how many universes are there? And Why can’t we see evidence of aliens?  These are questions philosopher and scientist have yet been able to answer. There are many examples of different theories for example the string theory describing how there are pocket universe additional to this current one we live in and other examples such as the quantum theory which means there are parallel universes and multiple copies of say for example you. Where in one scenario you’d live a happy life where you marry the man of your dreams, and another scenario where your life sucks and you’re homeless.  No one can currently answer it which pushes us to create new things to therefore discover more things. Curiosity keeps our crave, for knowledge and thinking going which is why curiosity is a good thing. I also watched We Think by Charles Leadbeater and it really got to me how much he stressed the fact that new ideas come from conversations between different people. This really got me thinking about all the times I came up with new ideas when talking with other people I feel that we trigger each other off to keep thinking and to express ourselves more and more. He also claimed that we have mass innovation and with that comes mass consumption where the more people create things the more we want to learn and be taught. I think its how without mass innovation there would be no consumption and how things like the internet make education and think extremely easier and much more affordable. I also watched Clay Shirky talking about cognitive surplus will change the world and I agree cognitive surplus allows a numerous amount of experts and specialist to work together and plan certain things without stressing about figuring out everything themselves. People can compare their data and outcomes with other people and can work much quicker and easier. Expressing ones work is also easier, when thinking of questions and answers it is simple to use the internet to find the answer.


Indigenous Knowledge is the local knowledge that is unique to a given culture or society. It is the basics for local- level decision making in agriculture, health care, education, food preparation, and natural resource management. In the ted talk by Elizabeth Lindsey: Curating humanity’s heritage I learned about the Hawaiian culture and how her culture was passed down to her like it was passed onto her aunty, chants are how she and her family tells stories and legends to keep the knowledge going. Her aunties teach her that one day people will be in trouble and forget their wisdom and elders through the mouths of youths will save the world. This TED Talk interested me so much because I am Hawaiian and the thing she was talking about was my culture and indigenous knowledge. She makes things clear of how ancient Hawaiians were able to use natural resources and their natural bodies to do incredible things without technologies such as the unbanning ability to navigate boats only using clouds and sunlight to determine which way to go. We are currently blinded and in trouble like Elizabeth’s aunties had predicted, we live in a world filled with data yet many people lack wisdom and true knowledge; knowledge and abilities that their ancestors once had and were capable of projecting. The world is in trouble because we are connected 24 seven, yet anxiety, fear, and depression is in its highest. The link between out past and our future is broken because we act completely differently and slowly begin to forget cultures with mass sums of knowledge in them that is going dismissed. Our wisdom possibilities are being burned and forgotten.


  1. Mike Matas: A next generation digital book
  • For the past year and half him and his team have been working on the first future digital book
  • There is a locator on the first page of the book
  • Pictures are able to be popped open and closely zoomed in
  • Pictures are locatable by clicking on a certain button to see where the picture was taken
  • There are friendly movie clips inside of the book, easily used by clicking the play button
  • The book is also interactive by allowing energy to be created outside of the book and cause things to work in the book
  • It is also possible to change back and forth from an ipad and iphone

Questions Included:

His business is something he created in order to create software for publishers to be able to change the world and have all books created like the one he has created.

2.Game Charger: Luis von Ahn, Crowd Sourcer

  • The web is supposed to be called the world wide web
  • In reality there are different worlds separated into different languages
  • English has the best and easiest web
  • Unfortunately there are many things that computers can’t do
  • There are capture that websites contain that computers can’t recognize
  • It takes up 10 seconds of people’s lives
  • Now will doing this we are helping to digitize books instead of just wasting time
  •  His goal is to translate the entire web into every language
  • Paying people to do it would  cost millions of dollars
  • So they are going to use volunteers
  • So therefore there is a website that teaches people a new language for free
  • People learn the language and are tested by translated sentences and end up translating sentences from the web
  • In the United States learning a new language is just a cool thing
  • While in the world it is something critical to learn and to earn more money
  • This website created by the speaker both teaches people new languages and translates the web into a new languages so that everyone may have the same about of information and data available to them

These two people have used digitization to make the world a better and bigger place where we are able to learn easier, and make the world a better place. So that everyone may be able to have access to knowledge and data.

V. VLOG- My 10 Ideas for Rethinking Education and School. For this last task, you are asked to make a video blog discussing your top 10 ideas for making school and education better. You should already have an understanding of the changes in society, media, and the acquisition, transmission, collection, curation, and archiving of “knowledge” and information in the 21st century due to rapid, exponential technological change. The resources (videos and articles) should really help you develop some ideas of your own. What would be the top 10 things you would recommend in schools (any level)?
– you can include images and a voiceover if you do not want to appear on camera
– your vlog should be 5-10 minutes in length
– you must directly reference at least 4 of the videos in the playlist
– you may discuss all aspects of school, including curriculum, nuts-and-bolts (bells, time, organization), physical space / environment, etc.


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