Computational Knowledge

Can a machine know? Can it be taught to feel? I do not believe that a machine can know and be taught to feel. Everything a computer or machine does is pre programmed or been designed to do a certain task unless it is broken or is receiving problems. For example siri on the I phone is programmed to respond as best as possible to interaction with sounds and people. Siri doesn’t actually think or feel when she responds even though we are sometimes tricked into thinking so, it is just programmed to act as a human as best as possible.

What counts as knowledge? I believe knowledge is very different between data because knowledge is being able to think of something and comprehend it, for example how it works, why it does the things it does, and the purpose. Also, to “know” someone is not to just meet someone but to know who they are and their personality and their feelings to things.

What is the difference between “data”, “information”, and “knowledge”? Data is just stating facts maybe received from research or just read off the internet but it does not know. Knowledge completely understands something how it functions and why it does so, information I believe is just facts and things that are proven from specialists and is not necessarily something people have knowledge with easily until studying ect.

What are the effects of the digital age on knowledge (creation and sharing)? The digital effects of the age on knowledge is extremely large because now we can communicate with the world so easily and learn things and complete research and share data with people around the world who are completing similar research and together they can come up with a conclusion and a theory

1. After reading choose a passage from this article and write about your thoughts or queries. The passage I chose was the one having to do with the importance of data. The article states that all the data in the world still isn’t enough on its own because it is just raw data, and most questions require do not just require plain, raw data, but a specific question and answer from it created from prior knowledge. I found this extremely important because a person can’t do anything with just data they need to be smart enough to draw conclusions and something specific to base their knowledge on. I found it very interesting how this part of the article was explained because I really agreed with it because I felt that data isn’t enough to be considered knowledge just like the article stated.

2. Facebook Analytics. Try this out and include screen shots if you like. Reflect on what insight you gained from these analytics. After completing my facebook report on Wolfram Alpha I found a lot of interesting facts and very interesting. A lot of things were pointed out to me that I didn’t realize before. It was very interesting and I feel important to know because I spend a lot of time on facebook.

3. Explore your EE topic using Wolfram Alpha- provide an example, post to blog I’m not too sure what my EE topic will be quit yet, but I’ve been doing some brainstorming and I think that I want to do a history topic based on world war two because it is a very dramatic and interesting topic to me. After researching it wolfram alpha I found a bunch of useful information and artifacts that I will use in my paper. This will be an extremely useful resource for my project.


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