Chapter 3 Course Companion Study Guide

  1. Out of all the possible topics or ideas regarding knowledge, what have the authors selected to give you?

The authors selected give me a great and extremely large knowledge span. I really enjoy reading literature and such which really broadens my knowledge and ideas considering knowledge. I currently read the descendants which gave me a very broadened my knowledge and gave me an understanding about the Hawaiian culture and its differences than the mainland.

  1. Out of those topics and ideas treated, what have they emphasized, and how?

The descendants emphasized how Hawaii really is as local people. It really broadens ones perspective of Hawaii, where one can learn that Hawaii isn’t always paradise with people just going to the beach all day and living life like a vacation. People get sick, have to work, and struggle to rise families as well which is very shocking to some tourists who maybe think otherwise. I think the book illustrated this knowledge to the readers through characters and how they interact with others and live in their community.

  1. What kind of language have they used, and what emotions or values do you identify in the world choice? What images of photographs, drawings, or diagrams accompany the text, and how are they too, selected and used? 

They used language that was very understandable for all ages, so it was really easy for me to understand. It was also very easy for me to understand the language because some of the text was in pigeon and in the Hawaiian language so it was really helpful for me to understand considering I am a local girl from Hawaii.

  1. What is the context in which the book is written by whom, for what purpose, and within that framework of declared and implicit values (such as TOK and the IB)?

The book is written by a local girl from the island of Oahu, she wrote the book to tell a story and to inform people that they have a stereotypical view on Hawaii, when in reality it is very different. I think that it was really well written and nicely put because it was extremely interesting and informal about the islands.

  1. Answer: What are your thoughts about the sanctity of books and how did you arrive to your decision?

I think the sanctity on books depend on the author, but I feel that it is very important for a book to have a purpose and made to inform other people about things and such.

  1. Answer: Do books really “hold learning”?

Yes, I feel that books really do hold learning because it really does teach people certain things like how to do certain things or just simply informing them with facts and lifelong lessons. The descendants teach people that Hawaii is almost like anywhere else, there are real people, real occurrences, and real tragedies that occur.

  1. Answer: How would you rate where you get knowledge – media (various), books, teachers, family, friends, celebrities, etc.? (draw a continuum or explain)

I think it really depends on what the topic is about of what you need the information on. For example for boy problems I would go to my friends for help, but for informational studied I would go to my parents and teacher. It really all depends on the topic and the kinds of information that I need.


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