Reflection on This I Believe Film

Please write a reflection of your This I Believe film project under your posted film on your blog. Pinpoint 1 of your beliefs featured in your film that you would like to go on your poster when we do the photo-shoots.

For my this I believe project I created a video by writing my beliefs on a paper with sharpie. I choose 30 different beliefs that were most important to me and that I follow the most. I first thought of my beliefs which surprisingly took me kind of a long time because I really wanted to pick things that I really believed in and were passionate about. Afterwards I got paper and sharpie and wrote each belief onto a paper. I really wanted to portrait my project in this way because I could write each font in a special way that relates to the belief, I also was able to draw a little, cute image that relates to the belief. Afterwards I videotaped the papers with my cell phone and shuffled through them with my beliefs so it could be easily portrayed to my audience. Towards the ending I did a little picture time lapses where I wrote this I believe where each word was on a separate paper then individually took a picture of each so there would be a cool animated picture lapses.  It really was a simple process that created a very fun and interesting video.

For the poster and photo shoot project I am debating on the belief “looks only takes you so far” and “happy people are most attractive”. I really think in now days’ society people think that being attractive can make them not have to ever work hard and allow them to get a free ride through life. In high school that might be the cases for certain people, but that will not work their whole life; one cannot just live off their looks and rely on other people forever. They will eventually have to take some responsibility and dignity in themselves to want to accomplish something on their own.  The other belief I really like is “happy people are the most attractive” I think this to be true because happy people are most confident and conferrable with themselves. They don’t want to change for other people or need to put on a fake smile. Happiness attracts other people because, people in the world want to be happy and accept themselves so when they see someone who already had they are already attracted to them; it can even be unconscious.




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