Belief vs. Knowledge Post

  1. Do you think we should respect the beliefs of a racist or sexist person? Provide reasons. If possible, find a recent article or video that could be used to question this (for example, the July 2011 massacre by Norwegian “racist” Anders Breivik).

I believe that we should not respect the beliefs of a racist or sexist person at all because they believe that certain people are better than others. I am a total believer that everyone is equal no matter their sex or race. I also think that God created everyone equal and people’s success depends on ones hard work and motivation. For example different sexes and a variety of races have been proven to be equally intelligent, successful, and gifted in many different ways. Although there are some people who think differently, for example the July 2011 massacre by Norwegian racist Anders Breivik occurred by a man who had anti-Muslim views so in return he massacred 76 people. To sum up these actions he is a Norwegian man who dressed up as a police officer and gunned down at least 84 people at an island. This is completely devastating to be how people can hate others so much just because of their race and gender when in reality everyone is equal and should receive the same privileges and rights as everyone else. Although no one should ever respect the beliefs of a sexist or racist person, people do have the freedom of speech and should be allowed to believe what they want regardless their unintelligence.

  1. Find some examples of beliefs (modern or throughout History) that you think are both misguided and dangerous.

One belief that I feel is misguiding and dangerous is “Practice makes perfect” Although many people believe this quote and finds it as a great motivator I have to admit that it is very misguiding and misleading. I have found this to be true though my three year in Taekwondo. There was a period of time when I would come to practice every week and go through the moves and forms I learned in class, but I didn’t actually try my best nor thrive to be better. I would just go through the moves to be done with it and to just get the work out, although I came to practice every day and participated in practice I did not improve. After realizing this I found that this quote is very misleading and misguiding because “practice does not make perfect” but “perfect practice does”. From then on I committed in trying my best and practicing correctly to become better at Taekwondo.


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