TOK Linking Questions

How do you know what to believe when there is so much propaganda?

Throughout America people of all ages are being exposed to varieties of propaganda multiple times throughout a single day. Due to the large amount of exposure of propaganda it is almost impossible to believe in something when you’re constantly being lied to. I personally feel that the only way to truly decide or believe something is to conduct a trail yourself and observe the results of the outcome. This way one can truly see the truth about the belief and see firsthand the variations.

How can we trust what scientist claim, if the science itself is baffling?

Many times in science experiences and outcomes are completely baffling and mind bobbling, but that is what science is, it is almost magical and extremely difficult to believe, but this is something one just needs to have trust in and notice that if the evidence states a conclusion and conducted numerous amounts of time with the same outcome then it must be true.

How can we trust any claim which may be instigated by special interest groups or social parties?

I feel that one should not truly trust claims which are instigated by a special interest group or social party, because in some way you would be deceived into believing the same thing the believers believe. The special interest group or social parties goal is to convert the observer to believe their beliefs by either only sharing half of the truth or lying to the observer.


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