Harrison the Uncertainly of Knowledge

“The creative mind fashions the world in which we live”

I found this article extremely interesting and agreed with almost everything the author was pointing out. Throughout my sixteen years of living I noticed how new beliefs come out in the media constantly whether its beauty tips, cures for diseases, or better health choices. I also noticed how many times the beliefs change or are altered as time goes by, beliefs are sometimes proven incorrect then later in time proven correct again which is extremely bizarre and something I never understood. Until, I read this article by Harrison and realized that people are always craving knowledge and once they gain it they look for ways to alter it so they can gain it once again. Therefore I agree that “the creative mind fashions the worlds in which we live” because they are the minds that are always coming up with other things to explore and other theories to investigate and  from there that becomes the focus  of what other people focus and spend their time learning about and investigating.


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