Liar Liar Cheat Cheat

  1. Which cards did your group find easiest to place? Which did you find most difficult?

Our group found the hardest ones and the most lenient ones easiest to place just because it was the most obvious decisions. For example the card saying lying in vain was the worst decision so it was clearly the easiest choice and our group didn’t have to argue or dispute on the choice. The most difficult ones were the ones that were very similar in badness because it was hard to decide which decisions was worse.

  1. How similar or different was your order from that of other groups? Were there any surprises?

We were actually extremely similar to the other groups. We all had the same worst lie and we all had the same most lean ant lie this was extremely interesting to me because we all thought very similarly and thought the same way without even knowing.

  1. Were there cases where you’d need more information about the context before placing it?

There were many cases that needed more information; about half of them needed more information because they were so broad for example not placing ugly pictures of yourself at a weeding to me was not a lie at all they just don’t want to look disgusting at their weeding which is the one day they are supposed to stand out and look their best. In order to decide where to place things my group and I decided to look at things to the most extreme extent.

  1. How many of these forms of deception have you engaged in – be honest?

I  have engaged or have done something similar to almost every single one of  these deceptions except for the most extreme ones, but I have engaged in at least 15 of the cards.

  1. How widespread do you think deception is in the population at large?

I think that deception is done in the population multiply times every single day. It is extremely widespread because most of the deceptions really don’t seem like lies and are sort of separated from lies ,but actually in reality a blunt lie that causes people to believe false information.

  1. How do you define a “lie” – which of these cards would you classify as “not a lie” and why?

I would define a lie as deceiving someone to believe false information, so to me all of the cards were lies, but I felt that sometimes it’s okay to lie depending on the extent of the lie.

7. Under what circumstances, if any, is it acceptable to mislead or deceive other people? Should we tell the truth at any cost, or are other things, such as happiness, more important?

I feel like its okay to deceive people when it’s little white lies for example the weeding pictures card because it really doesn’t do any harm to anyone. It is also not okay when someone’s whole life is based on lies and the person is a conical liar.


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