Role Fear and Panic Have on the Brain

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The role of the brain with fear and panic

This article did a very great job explaining what role the brain plays in fear and panic. Fear and panic’s main purpose is to keep someone alive. This article focusses on how in fear and panic are created in the brain for survival and found that this was true with animals as well as humans. It also shows how their are important emotions and feelings casued and thought by the from the brain and panic and fear are extremly important or everyone would do crazy things that would cause them their life. 


Brain Film Reflection

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1.      1.  Positive and negatives of acquiring knowledge.

There are always going to be positives and negatives when acquiring knowledge.  A topic that stood out to me the most was the fact that out of every hundred people one is a psychopath. This fact brought up an interesting question in my mind, what if we had technology that could determine if a child was a psychopath at birth. This is a perfect example of how there are negatives and positives of acquiring knowledge. The positives of this would be being able to prevent evil dictators and crazy felonies within the world, but the negative effects would be that no one would know for sure if the child would actually commit a crime. Another example in the film was when the navy seals were training. They were acquiring certain knowledge’s like being able to survive in battle and think under pressure; many times people become war victims when they return back home because they learned to behave only in war situations. This has a positive effect because they learned to survive in war, but there is a huge negative effect because when they return home their brains are completely programmed in war mode and they do not know how to act in regular civilization.

2.       2. How did the film address the following?

Within the film there are many different topics addressed with many different perspectives. I really enjoyed the topic changes because it kept me interested and made me feel like I learned a lot within one screening.  The film focused on different studies, experiments, interviews, and observations, but overall the films main topic was knowledge and how it can affect a person.

                Knowledge is extremely important because it is it is what we learn thorough our lifetimes and shape us into who were.  The film focused on the Navy Seals and how they acquire knowledge. They need to learn something so well that when they find themselves in a sticky situation they can get themselves out. In order to learn the knowledge necessary to survive they practice things repetitively until they master the action. They participate in drills where; they submerge themselves in water and need to use critically thinking to find an air supply with the exception that they can’t surface. Many people fail the task, but when they succeed it means they get to move onto the next training task. I personally go through something similar when I participate in Taekwondo. In order to master certain moves and gestures I need to practice repetitively even if I get board of doing the same things over and over again. Through experience I have found that working hard to teach your brain something takes a lot of repetition, but really does pay off in the end.

                Knowledge is also interpreted in many different ways not only when learning how to survive, but also viewing how women and men’s brains differ. For example in the film there was an experiment conducted to determine how a women’s brain differs from a man’s brains during an orgasm. The study showed that they really differed. A women’s brain shuts down her body into a extremely relaxed state while a man’s brain makes the person extremely aware if their environments and gets them excited. This is because starting from colonial times the male was supposed to fight for the women and always protect the female. Therefore when they receive and orgasm they become really aware of the situation rather than become relaxed.

3.      3.  Questions and Comments

Throughout the film my mind pondered on many questions for example why do some people crave flashes of excitement, like the people who enjoy sky diving and cliff jumping, and other people don’t crave that excitement? Does Navy Seals usually become scared or emotional traumatized from being in battle? These were some things that really interested me within the film and I found that the film really educated me and got me thinking more critically of why things are and how certain things effect other people more and less depending on who they are.